BioNow Technical Service of the Year Award 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the BioNow Technical Service of the Year Award 2022. The submission, ‘mSAS® – revolutionising the speed and efficiency of biomolecule product development’, encompasses the significant advances that we have made in this area, and are now able to routinely offer to our clients.

Biomolecule products are notoriously challenging to develop, and current processes can be complex, costly, and inefficient. Conversely, Crystec’s mSAS® technology provides an attractive, single step, alternative to these conventional processes, enabling high levels of retained activity to be achieved whilst simultaneously engineering particle to meet a Target Product Profile. Our novel and innovative approach to allows us to retain higher levels of biological activity, simplify formulations (using our in-particle design® services), enhance stability, and enable alternative routes of delivery (e.g., inhaled, nasal) for these fragile molecules, all within greatly decreased timescales.

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