Transforming the Performance of Medicines Through Particle Engineering

Our proprietary mSAS® supercritical fluid platform enables us to engineer particles of small molecule and biomolecule therapeutics with high levels of precision, to improve bioavailability, enhance stability, and to optimise delivery.

Our Mission

CrystecPharma is a global leading pharmaceutical technology company focused on transforming the performance of medicines.

We design particles and processes with the patient in mind ensuring that an optimal profile can be achieved from existing and new therapeutics.

Our focus is on simplicity of product formulation, accelerated development, and designing highly efficient manufacturing processes that contribute to a greener planet.

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Improving Dissolution

40% of marketed drugs and up to 90% of those in development exhibit poor solubility. mSAS® provides different ways to address this challenge, including through increasing surface area, reducing agglomeration, new solid-state forms, co-crystals or stabilised amorphous forms of drug molecules.

Optimised Inhaled Therapies

mSAS® enables the design of drug particles of precise size and shape, that aerosolise even in patients who may struggle to breathe. As well as treating lung disease, inhaled therapies can be designed to enter the bloodstream, providing opportunities for fast onset and an alternative to painful injections.

Enhancing Stability

Chemical and physical stability is vital to ensure that therapeutics can be manufactured, stored, transported and administered to patients without a loss of efficacy or safety. mSAS® enables manufacture of highly pure, residue-free drug particles, capable of resisting moisture, and able to withstand higher temperatures.

Simplified Formulations

Formulation is often a complex, multi-step process, adding considerable time and cost to development. The mSAS® process involves a single step, and enables design of particles which contain all the components required for a medicine to perform, reducing the need for downstream processing.

Biomolecule Processing

Biotherapeutics such as peptides, proteins, antibodies and oligonucleotides are often delicate and easily damaged. mSAS® provides a gentle way to process biomolecules as free-flowing powders, retaining high levels of activity, reducing cold chain and enabling easier reconstitution.

Natural Products

Natural products are often highly complex and conventional approaches to their extraction, purification and formulation can be inefficient and often result in a poor-quality product. mSAS® simplifies production of natural products, allowing fine tuning of the components of a medicine and improvements in quality and consistency.

Green Manufacturing

Improvements in human health should not come at a cost to the planet, yet traditional approaches to medicine manufacturing carry a high environmental burden. mSAS® enables the production of medicines with lower waste, reduced emissions, using less solvent, and greatly improved energy efficiency.

Intellectual Property

Innovation in medicine development often requires robust protection of intellectual property (IP). The mSAS® process provides numerous opportunities to enhance IP, whether through novel solid-state forms, improved formulations, or new routes of delivery.

mSAS® Technology

Performance in Every Particle

The Crystec team have pioneered the development of mSAS®, a modified Supercritical Anti-Solvent process. mSAS® is a powerful technology for engineering particles to improve the bioavailability, stability, and delivery of small molecule and large molecule therapeutics.

This unique platform enables the size and shape of particles to be finely tuned. Where required, more than one drug can be combined in a particle, or excipients incorporated in the particle to further enhance performance and reduce manufacturing complexity. We design particles with the medicine in mind, hence Performance in Every Particle®.

In the mSAS® process, a drug molecule and any other required components are dissolved and introduced into a vessel together with a stream of supercritical carbon dioxide which rapidly extracts the solvent, enabling the drug to be precipitated under precise, tuneable conditions. Among the many strengths of the mSAS® platform are the ability to manipulate the crystallinity of small molecule therapeutics and to generate free-flowing powders of biomolecules whilst retaining high levels of activity.

mSAS® Technology
in Action

Precise engineering of particles using mSAS® technology can greatly improve how drug molecules dissolve, the purity of medicines, their ease of processing, flow and aerosolisation. This short video demonstrates the level of performance that can be achieved with mSAS®, and its advantages over conventional approaches to manufacturing medicines.

AI Accelerated Product Development

Prevista AI is an AI-enabled tool that determines the compatibility of your compound with our modified supercritical anti-solvent (mSAS®) technology. Understanding the unique characteristics of your compound enables us to predict the likelihood of success and to optimise, de-risk, and accelerate your development programme.

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Meet with the Crystec team at CPhI2023 in Barcelona to explore how we can transform the performance of medicines together.

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