Our History

Crystec establishes Inhalis Therapeutics SA, a Swiss joint venture with SignalRX Pharmaceuticals and ADYA Sagl to develop a novel inhaled treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Crystec establishes a strategic partnership in China with Dalian Jeol Ltd. focused on modernisation of Traditional Chinese Medicines. 2023
Crystec establish a new R&D centre in Haimen, jiangsu Province, China. The facility is part of the Yangtze Delta Advanced Drug Development platform, which is dedicated to accelerating pharmaceutical product innovation.2021
Crystec secures prestigious Newton Fund Research and Innovation Bridges programme, in partnership with the Shanghai Institute of Material Medical, Imperial College London and the Royal Brompton Hospital. The project will develop new respiratory therapeutics for the Chinese market.2017
Crystec builds commercial-scale GMP mSAS facility in partnership with Juniper Pharmaceutical Services, now Catalent Pharma Solutions (Nottingham, UK).2016
Crystec appointed to lead the supercritical fluid workstream of the UK's Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) REMediES project (
Allergan acquires MAP Pharmaceuticals for $958m, to gain full control of the DHE SCF migraine product.2013
Crystec secures InnovateUK SMART award progress its lead asset, and on-demand therapy for the treatment of urge incontinence, into animal studies.2012
Crystec builds its research to commercial scale-up plant in Tianjin. First Chinese development project secured focused on the modernisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.2010
Crystec begins work on an in-house pipeline of repurposed therapeutic assets for a range of indications2009
Bradford (UK) and Tianjin (China) research centres opened. Crystec works with its first multinational client.2008
CrystecPharma (Crystec) is formed by Peter York, Paul Thorning and Qun Shao to relaunch SCF technology for the pharmaceutical industry. The platform is updated and development of the modified Supercritical Anti-Solvent (mSAS) technology begins. Previous employees from Nektar, who had been involved in the DHE product join Crystec, including Lyn Daintree (product design), George Townend (engineering), Dan Ledger (Process robustness and scale-up).2007
Nektar Therapeutics completes Exubera insulin deal with Pfizer using an unrelated technology platform. The company decides to focus its resources on diabetes therapy and closes its SCF business.2006
Nektar Therapeutics licenses its inhaled formulation of DHE to MAP Pharmaceuticals.2004
bpd acquired by Inhale Therapeutic Systems Inc. for US$200m. Inhale subsequently renamed as Nektar Therapeutics apply SCF technology to the development of an in-house portfolio of products, including an inhaled reformulation of dihydroergotamine (DHE) for the treatment of migraine.2000
Professor Peter York and colleagues at the University of bradford conduct the first research into the application of supercritical fluid (SCF) technology to the formulation of pharmaceutical products. A spin-out company is formed, Bradford Particle Design (bpd), to commercialise the technology. The company works with a number of major pharmaceutical companies.1990's