Crystec Development Pipeline

In addition to enhancing the performance of client products, we also apply our mSAS® technology platform in non-competing areas to Crystec’s own in-house therapeutic pipeline. Our assets address important areas of unmet clinical need, and each offers distinct advantages, whether through improved delivery, a novel route of administration, improved stability, or our unique ‘formulation in a particle’ approach.

Crystec are actively seeking co-development and licensing opportunities to progress our assets to market.

Development Pipeline

Lead Assets

CR002: The first on-demand treatment for urge urinary incontinence (UUI) in the world

Current treatments for UUI involve the use of oral medicines which cause side effects (dry mouth, constipation) to the extent that 59% of all patients discontinue treatment within 6 months. Recent evidence also suggests that long-term chronic use of these medicines is causing cognitive decline in patients. Crystec has developed a rapid onset, short-acting, inhaled version of an existing anticholinergic drug, which enables patients to intervene only when needed, greatly reducing side effects. This will be the first product on the market which will allow UUI patients to actively manage their condition and improve their lifestyle.

CR003: An innovative therapy in women’s health (undisclosed)

This is a new, fast-acting presentation of an existing, safe drug. Current oral treatments typically require 1-2 hours before the therapeutic effects are achieved. The treatment from Crystec will act within minutes, providing faster comfort and relief of symptoms. The company is developing a related asset for peri-natal care and emergency medicine.

CR601: A fast-acting treatment for intractable migraine

Whilst many migraines can be treated by currently marketed products, in a significant minority of patients the migraine does not resolve within 72 hours (a condition known as status migrainosus or intractable migraine). These patients require hospital admission and treatment with intravenous drugs. Crystec is developing a dry powder inhaled version of an existing IV drug that replaces the need for an injection, allowing patients with severe and protracted migraine to self-administer for rapid relief, avoiding an inconvenient and expensive hospital stay.