Particle Engineering to Optimise the Performance of Inhaled Therapeutics

The Crystec mSAS® (modified supercritical anti-solvent) process offers distinct advantages in the development of high-performing inhaled products.

As a ‘bottom-up’ process mSAS® is able to generate aerodynamic particles with a tight size distribution within the inhalable range, suitable for both local delivery to the lung and rapid systemic uptake through the lung.

Our particles demonstrate impressive aerosolisation characteristics, have smooth surfaces with exceptionally low levels of charge, and typically achieve 2-3 times better deep lung delivery performance than achieved with conventional technologies (e.g. micronisation, spray drying).
In the example below, mSAS® particles (see Scanning Electron Micrograph, Fig 1.) achieve a 68% Fine Particle Fraction (See Fig. 2), compared to just 26% achieved for micronized product (See Fig. 3). This improves the efficiency of delivery and reduces oral exposure. 
To find out more, please read the article entitled “Particle Engineering to Optimise the Performance of Inhaled Therapeutics” written by our Development Director, Lyn Daintree and Chief Scientist, Professor Peter York for Pharma Supply Chain.